• Recovery & Reconstruction Activities

    We assist in recovery activities such as rebuilding critical infrastructure, re-establishing services
    and working to establish normal business, economic, and societal activities.

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  • Provide Critical & Comprehensive Services

    We meet the multiple challenges as a preferred second responder and provide critical
    services after the major relief organizations have moved onto the next disaster.

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  • Serving a Vital Role

    From cleaning oil spills and radioactive waste to assessing the safety of bridges, we serve a
    vital role by bringing communities back from disasters

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Responsive Capabilities

Responsive Core

ACTS & our Alliance Partners are able to quickly deploy skilled labor, equipment, materials & other services to any incident.

Equipment Resources

ACTS' diverse equipment cache facilities logistical recovery and rebuilding efforts as dictated by each disaster incident.

Alliance Partners

ACTS Teams are skilled in demolition, hazardous waste cleanup, equipment operations, traffic control & animal rescue services.
Your Reliable Resource for Strategic Support Anytime ... Anyplace

Highly-skilled and experienced leadership and personnel, immediate deployment capability, experience in challenging conditions, and well-established working relationships with Alliance partners combine to make ACTS a recognized, respected solutions provider in the field of emergency response. The ACTS Alliance has significant surge capacity...all within hours of a disaster incident.

Disaster Recovery & Rebuilding

There are many aspects to disaster recovery, clean-up and rebuilding that need to be performed quickly to prevent injury to people and damage to other property. Disaster rebuilding begins immediately after the initial disaster cleanup has been completed. Non-recoverable objects are discarded, salvageable objects are taken to a clean-up facility for restoration. The scope of work is generally complex...involves experienced teams and reliable equipment.

When it comes to disaster recovery and rebuilding, ACTS has the ability to handle any issues that may arise. Our teams are called upon immediately after a disaster to shore up landslides, remove debris, board-up buildings, clear roadways and much more. We provide complete recovery, damage restoration and rebuilding services for any emergency incident.


Coalition of American Responder Enterprises

The Emergency Response & Management field is growing with emergency response practitioners in great demand.

If you or your company would like to explore the opportunities available in the emergency response and management industry, CARE has a program just for you. CARE provides the necessary training and certification processes for intern organizations to successfully participate in this growing industry.
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