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To respond quickly and effectively to disasters, ACTS has developed a network of highly trained disaster response workers, known collectively as the Rapid Response Core (RRC). RRC members must be ready for deployment at a moment’s notice and, once they arrive at their assigned recovery or reconstruction operation, they immediately begin working with first responders to assist in the implementation and/or restoration of vital services required to improve current situations.

Our Rapid Response Core is diverse and specific to each event, enabling our efforts to focus on both the immediate and long-term effects of major disasters and catastrophic incidents. We bring experienced, knowledgeable, professional and caring specialized teams that are not only involved in positively impacting lives in the moment, but also provide reliable resources in the rebuilding process.
RRCs are committed to assist those who are survivors and work diligently to provide individuals and families a place to call home and a commercial environment in which to return to work.
  • Engaging and utilizing local qualified companies and individuals to begin rebuilding the economic foundation of the disaster area
  • Working through and in direct contact with the local government agencies, non- profit organizations and faith-based institutions to meet the needs of those who have become the victims of the recent disaster or emergency incident.
  • Mending broken families through social workers and counselors are part of our response units.
  • Providing resources to re-establish civic infrastructure and economic recovery to restore the affected area.

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